Pak-India Takra; Salman Khan came to the field to support the Indian team

Mumbai: Bollywood star Salman Khan has come to the field to support the Indian team before the India-Pakistan match, the biggest competition of the ICC World Cup 2023.

A video clip of Salman Khan supporting the Indian team in the match against Pakistan has surfaced on the social networking website X (formerly Twitter), in which he is seen in the form of his upcoming mega-thriller film ‘Tiger 3’. are

In the video, Salman Khan describes the Indian cricketers as tigers and says that ‘this time, these 11 tigers will compete, even after 7 consecutive wins, there will be a clash of thorns for the eighth time’.

Salman Khan says that ‘this rivalry of cricket is great and the whole of India is waiting for the eighth win’.

At the end, Salman Khan repeats the dialogue of his movie ‘Tiger 3’ ‘Jib tak tiger mara nahi, tib tak tiger hara nahi’ by saying ‘8 Ka Intizar’.

It should be noted that the Indian song prepared by the Indian broadcasters for the ICC World Cup this time has been named ‘8 Ka Inteer’, which can be a symbol of India’s eighth consecutive win against Pakistan in World Cup competitions. In the events of the event, India defeated Pakistan 0-7.

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This year’s World Cup promotional ad features Indian reality star Shahnaz Gill and Indian team all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja.

Before the Indian song, the official song for the World Cup was released by the ICC, which was not liked by the cricket fans, this song was sung by the Indian actor Ranveer Singh.

On the other hand, the teams of Pakistan and India will compete against each other in the ICC World Cup on October 14 at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad.

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The showbiz stars of both countries, including the fans of India and Pakistan, are eagerly waiting for the match between Pakistan and India in the World Cup.

Indian veteran and legendary actors Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth have also been given golden tickets to watch this match.