Prabhas’ mega-thriller ‘Saalaar’ release postponed, decision to change climax

Mumbai: Hindi cinema superstar Prabhas’ new mega-thriller ‘Saalar’ is three days away from release, but the release of the film has been postponed due to VFX issues.

The announcement of the film’s release has taken fans by surprise as advance bookings for the film’s tickets had also started at many locations.

According to Indian media sources, the director of the film, Prashant Neil, has decided to change the climax after watching the film, so some scenes of the film are being re-shot.

According to sources, the director took the film producers into confidence so that they could increase the budget of the film and take the risk of delaying it.

Some sources say that around 600 VFX of the film are yet to be finalized and more time is required for that too.

The new announcement of the release of the mega thriller ‘Saalar’ will be made after the completion of the VFX shoot and the change in the climax.