The trailer of Prabhas’ mega-thriller film ‘Saalar’ created a sensation

Mumbai: The wait for superstar Prabhas fans is over, the explosive trailer of the actor’s new mega-thriller ‘Saalaar’ has been released.

In the three minute 47 second trailer of ‘Saalaar: Ceasefire 1’, Prabhas is seen in action, which has excited the fans.

According to Indian media sources, the film will be made in two parts, Prabhas in the role of ‘Salar’ while Prithviraj Sukuman will give action in the role of ‘Varadraja Munra’.

The film is being helmed by Prashant Neil, the director of blockbuster series ‘KGF’ and will combine the story of ‘Saalar’ with ‘KGF’.

The story of Salaar: Ceasefire 1 revolves around the fictional city of Khansar, which has been forcibly occupied by the most dangerous people in the world.

It should be noted that ‘Saalar’ has been made with a huge budget of 400 crores and it will be released worldwide on December 22 this year.